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Whether you're moving to new premises, upgrading your existing equipment or just looking to reduce your ongoing costs we can help.  As a long established telecoms provider we are familiar with and supply both traditional on premises telephone systems, the newer hosted services or even a hybrid of both along with the cabling infrastructure and services that  go with them.

Competitively priced versatile commmunications & IT solutions for business with fast friendly efficient local support

The Avaya IP Office is a very well featured on premises phone system that scales from sub 10 extensions to 1000's of users over multiple sites with integrated home and mobile worker options along with integration with Voicemail, CRM, call recording, call logging, video and other applications. It is compatible with the newer voice over IP phone lines.

Both our on-premises SIP phone lines and Hosted options are on the same platform and are designed to integrate with each other in one system. This is ideal for multi-site, home and mobile workers. Get immediate access to advanced features such as call recording, call logging, call centre and enterprise-level resiliency  without the large capital outlay.  

NEC's current range includes the SL2100 serving up to around 100 users and is particularly well priced at smaller configurations of 10 or fewer users.  The SV9100 goes up to over 800 users.  Both are hybrid systems supporting analogue,, digital, IP handsets along with a variety of softphone options making them ideal for sites with old style telephone cabling or a mix of old and new where it is either too expensive or impractical to re-cable the entire site.

Integrated voice and data

Advanced management

Office, mobile & home workers

Helping you find the right solutions

Communications options with home working and integration capabilities with your company data and other systems and applications is now available for very small systems that used to be only really within the financial reach of large organisations.  Please follow the link below for some examples of what might work for you.

Mobile telephony Not just mobile phone contracts but also how you can integrate mobile phones with a deskphone.  All the telephony solutions we offer have this capability.  This means you can answer, tranfer and make calls from your mobile handset as if it were your deskphone.   We also offer very competitive monthly mobile contracts with or without replacement mobile handsets.


Cabling & network infrastructure Our engineers are experienced in working with with legacy telephony type wiring as well as the current network structured cabling offerings including fibre. The on-premises systems that we supply work with both legacy cabling and the newer network cabling so if the budget won't stretch to a full cabling replacement you can still take advantage of the latest options that would enhance yur communications.


Connectivity Are you paying too much for your lines and calls?  If you haven't reviewed your costs recently it's quite likely you are missing out on savings.  Particularly if you're still being billed directly by BT but also whoever is billing you.  All the systems we supply spport voice over IP phone lines so if you have high quality broadband or leased line connectivity installed or available at your premises it's a good time to consider moving your phone lines away from the traditional voice network (analogue and ISDN lines).  BT have stated that they aim to get everyone off the old networks by 2025.  This is a plan of theirs - not yet a stated intention to shut the old network off as some observers have reported.


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