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HVS Hosted

HVS Hosted suite overview - Powered by BT Wholesale secure highly resilient servers this is a suite of products providing an "access from anywhere" phone system.  You have a choice from a range of Polycom and Yealink high-quality desk based handsets from basic display all the way to full-colour touch screen with video options or, you can use the mobile/desktop apps.

Mobile & desktop apps - these are available for Android and iPhone for mobile phones, pads, PCs and laptops.  A user with a desk phone can be simultaneously logged in on their mobile device and a PC/laptop (Windows and iOS) and can make, receive and transfer calls on any device.  Calls can be seamlessly "pulled" from the desk phone to the app and continued there.  The desktop app can be used for click to dial setting the call up for the desk phone it can also be used to make the call on the desktop using a headset/mic.

Inclusive calls - The Hosted user option comes with inclusive call bundles to UK local, national and the main UK mobile networks - 5000 minutes per user per month shared amongst all Hosted users.  Full details.

Call recording - there is an optional call recording facility available on a per-user basis.  Calls to and from any of the above options are recorded and stored on a secure online portal for 6 months (there is a 7-year storage option available).  Users can access their individual calls via their personal portal, its administrators can access all recordings.  There is an archive tool and individual calls can be downloaded (singly or in batches).  Recording can be paused and resumed whilst taking credit card details, for example, to comply with data protection requirements.  

Call logging - This is included as standard with an online portal (personal and site-wide) that stores inbound, outbound, received and missed calls for a rolling 30 day period.  The data is searchable by day, date, time, number, user, group, attendant etc.  The details can be downloaded/exported to CSV for storage and offline analysis.  There are more advance logging features available with automatic scheduling and email of reports as an option if required.

Call/contact centre supervisor and agent software - this is useful option if you have groups of agents handling large numbers of calls as their main role to/from lots of contacts.  It includes PC wallboards with live call queues display and more detailed historical call reporting than the standard calls (which in themselves are quite comprehensive).

Receptionist software – this is a useful option if you have people in a central call answering/handling role - it gives them a better view of users availability and waiting calls. 

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