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Some things you can check to help diagnose an issue on Avaya IP Office

Overview - We'll talk you through these if you prefer, but here are some standard checks we go through to help establish the cause of an issue. You can email any findings to and we will pick it up there if you'd rather do that.  This page will be added to - please drop us a line if there is anything in particular you'd like covered.

Can't make an external call - The first thing to check is whether you have dial tone and can dial internally by ringing another handset or dialling voicemail (press "messages" button or dial *17).  If you get no dial tone or can't dial internally the next thing to try is to unplug the handset cord - that goes to the wall - where it goes into the base of the handset, leave it for a couple of seconds then plug it in and try again. If this still doesn't work then try another working handset of the same type (plugging into the base of the working handset).  If the other handset still can't make an external move onto the next step below.  

Check the phone lines - If you have ISDN2E or ISDN30E lines then you should see a steady green light on the line boxes which you will usually find near the main phone phone system with a lead going from them to the phone system.  ISDN2E boxes are roughly 140 cm x 110 cm and have a green LED light in the centre of the front cover.  If this light is flashing that usually means either the cable is disconnected or the circuit has a problem.  

Phone lines down - can't receive or make calls - Sometimes it will be obvious the lines are completely down.  In this instance we can get your calls diverted starightaway to another number including a mobile phone.  If you have opted for one of our emergency backup options we will divert to this service (please contact us for further detail).  Once the fault is cleared the calls will be diverted back to your working lines.

External calls cutting off or intermittent speech quality - If we are billing your lines we are able to run various line tests through the network and book engineer appointments.  Intermittent issues can be tricky to pin down  and by their nature often won't be detected by exchange tests.  In these scenarios we will need to probide BT Openreach with as much data as possible regarding problem calls so please keep a log of the date, approximate time, the external phone number called and whether it was an inbound or outbound call.  BT can then use this data to make further investigations.  We can also setup a monitor trace on your network to gather data from the phone system itself.

Auto attendant or voicemail not working - If are running Voicemail Pro on one of your PCs please check it is still connected to the network and the service is running.  You can restart the service or just reboot the PC (assuming that won't interfere with any other critical processes that machine may be supporting on your site).  If you are using internal IP Office voicemail then please re-power the system.  It is advisable to shut down the system SD card first to avoid possible data corruption.  You can do this throught the Manager programme - if you're not sure how to we will do it remotely for you.

The date or time on the handset is wrong - There are a few ways we can change the time as follows.  If you are on a level of software that supports it and your system has access to your network it will probably have been setup to change automatically to account for British Summer Time (if it isn't let us know and we'll check and get it setup).  We can also programme a button that allows you make manual changes from a handset.

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