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Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office overview - We stopped offering this product for new installations some years ago and consequently are no longer an authorised reseller.  The product itself is a hybrid offering with on-premises hardware and secure cloud-based hosted options. You can have dedicated hardware (the IP500V2 range) that starts with the main control unit with four slots to which you can add up to 12 expansion modules. Alternatively, you can run the system as software on your own servers (on-premises or at a data centre) or on pre-loaded server hardware supplied by Avaya.

Line options - You have a choice of analogue lines (single or in groups), ISDN2E pairs of digital lines with option for DDI numbers (direct dial in), ISDN30E digital lines for 8 or more lines again with DDI and VOIP lines also known as SIP trunks which connect to the system via broadband, leased line or other data circuit.

Handsets and users - Avaya offers two ranges of both digital and IP handsets as well as branded analogue handsets (you can also use any PABX compatible analogue or DECT cordless), mobile twinning as well a PC and mobile softphone (Android and iOS).

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