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HVS Hosted checks

Overview - We'll talk you through these if you prefer, but here are some standard checks we go through to help establish the cause of an issue. You can email any findings to and we will pick it up there if you'd rather do that.  This page will be added to - please drop us a line if there is anything in particular you'd like covered.

Basic checks - On Yealink handsets note the status of the phone icon top left of the display when the phone is connected it should be green and any screen buttons that are programmed should be showing.  If it is greyed out this could indicate your broadband is off or there another connectivity affecting issue.

Repower the router and affected handsets - Switch the router off and on again. In many cases, this will resolve an issue.  Also re-power the affected handsets.  If your handset has its own power supply please disconnect and re-connect this cable.  If it just has a single PC type cable then it gets power through that cable so please remove and replace that.  Please also see the broadband page for further instructions on that if needed.

Call issues - For any call-related issues please make a rough note of the phone number involved, the extension number, the time and whether the call was inbound or outbound.  This will help us find the call in the logs and get the service provider to investigate further.

Mobile app and call forwarding - Don't forget you can use the mobile app through your WIFI and mobile data (3G/4G/5G) this can let you use your system extension through your mobile connection in the event that your office broadband is down.  Calls can also be forwarded to your mobile number through the mobile network of your app can't connect for example due to a poor mobile data connection.

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