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What type of system would suit you best - on premises phone system or secure cloud based hosted system?

One of the main things to consider is the type of broadband or leased line available at your location.  For many people now a single voice call over home broadband is acceptable quality.  But that is a very different proposition to several calls being made simultaneously from/to the same location.  Even with all the improvements in broadband generally there are still many sites in the UK where a cloud based voice system using broadband is just not practical.  


Then there are budget considerations.  Once you get above a certain number of users an on premises system can work out less expensive particularly if you are in an old building with old telephony cable where the cost of replacing that cable is prohibitive (hosted requires LAN network cabling).

One of the on premises products we specialise in is the Avaya IP Office.  This can be deployed as an in house phone system and/or in a secure data centre in the cloud.  It scales from a small office phone system up to full contact centre fucntionality handling voice, SMS, web chat etc. both inbound and outbound including progressive and predictive dialling.

It offers mobile, smartphone and home worker integration, with advanced call logging and call recording applications.

HVS is a fully hosted and managed HD (high definition) IP telephony service hosted in a secure data centre.  It provides the functionality of a high end telephone system without a traditional on site phone system. Access is via a managed router with ADSL using Qos (quality of service) or Ethernet circuits for larger sites.  HVS is ideal for any business with 1 or more users in in multiple locations.  Fetaures can be turned on/off monthly as they are required.  HVS is also ideal as emergency backup for an on site phone system.

Aside from saving a business up to 40% compared to in house IT and support costs hosted desktop offers many other benefits.   Staff can securely access their data from anywhere using any internet connected machine.  Data is backed up daily automatically.  It's a "thin client" based service that will run on old low spec machines and there are options to run your own software in addition to the MS and other usual applications.

We offer a very competitive simple tarrif with a variety of bolt-ons from Vodafone and O2.  4G is included as standard available when using a 4G compatible device (the service will revert to 3G and back again if 4G is temporarily unavailable) and there are worldwide travel bolt-on options. You can keep your costs down by keeping your existing handsets but if you do need an equipment refresh you can spread the cost with a business lease package (subject to credit approval).  Prices start for new connections from as low as £9.50 per month per user for the basic voice tarrif and Euro travel (£2.50 per day whilst roaming). 

Unlimited calls to UK landlines and 2GB 4G data bolt-ons are available from £3.00 per month.  All prices subject to v.a.t. 

In addition to mobile network we offer a full range of traditional phone lines, analogue lines, ISDN2E and ISDN30E at very competitive rates.  With regard to internet connectivity we  offer a full range of standard and fibre broadband packages. For higher reliability services we offer EFM (Ethernet over the first mile), GEA (generic Ethernet access) and fibre leased lines with anything up to a 1000GB bearer service.  If your internet connection is capable we also offer voice over IP phone lines also known as SIP trunks.  The market has now reached the point where SIP trunks can offer a considerable saving on line rental for anyone with ISDN30E or several ISDN2E or analogue phone lines.

Your communications system can be a source of very valuable information about your clients and how you interact with them.

Both the on premises and hosted systems we offer have various management tools available as options that not help you interact with your clients but also show you how you're doing.  Call recording is great for support, sales people, anyone who has long phone calls.  They can concentrate on the call (rather than furiously making notes) knowing that they can replay it later quickly and easily and make sure they haven't missed anything important that was discussed. Integration and screen popping with CRM and other packages makes it easy to keep client records up to date and dialling from CRM or Outlook or random web pages eliminates miss-dialled calls.  People are much more likely to get things done if the system makes it easy to do.

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