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Broadband checks

Overview - We'll talk you through these if you prefer, but here are some standard checks we go through to help establish the cause of an issue. You can email any findings to and we will pick it up there if you'd rather do that.  This page will be added to - please drop us a line if there is anything in particular you'd like covered.

Basic checks - Note the status of all the lights on the router and the obvious things like power and cables being plugged in, particularly if anyone has been working on the main equipment.

Repower the router - Switch it off and on again. In many cases this will resolve an issue. 

Direct cable connection to router - If you still get no connection try plugging a laptop (or connecting wirelessly to the router if not already connecting wirelessly) direct to one of the LAN ports on the router. If this resolves the issue it would suggest there is an issue with your LAN switch connected to the router (if applicable) or a cabling issue.

Test the phone line the broadband is connected to - If you have an analogue phone or your fax is connected to the broadband line make sure you can make and receive a call - a phone is better as you can listen to the line quality. If the line is down then we'll get that dealt with.

Network tests - If you still can't connect but the line appears to be working we can run remote tests via the ISP management portal.  From here we can also see the current and historical status of your connection and sessions.

Test preparation - One of the tests requires you to remove everything from the BT socket including the bottom part of the BT openreach faceplate. This has 2 screws on the front, once undone the bottom part of the faceplate can be eased off revealing the master socket underneath. It has ben known for this lower part of the faceplate to cause an issue.  If the test comes back clear then plug it all in again and we will test again if the test then shows a fault it would suggest it's between the socket and your router/PCs.

Backup kit - It's useful to have a spare analogue handset, broadband filter/splitter and even a spare router. Some routers allow you to plug a 4G dongle in which can then give you some service in the event of a prolonged downtime.

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