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Sustainability and inclusion

From a practical point of view when we supply replacement on-site phone system equipment and we recover the old equipment this will be repaired if needed and re-used where possible if it’s equipment that is still current in our support base.


If it’s obsolete or not a manufacturer we use we encourage people to use the specialist telecoms recycling companies examples below or some of the many other companies offering electrical waste services;


Aside from that we always offer remote meetings rather than on-site face to face meetings where possible (as we did with you recently) to avoid non-essential journeys.  The products we supply have been enabling remote working and working from home since long before the pandemic affectively forced the issue for many.


The services you would be using should you decide to go ahead with this are BT services - you can see their policies here;


On the mobile side we use Vodafone, EE and O2 - you can see their policies below.  Vodafone in particular launched their eco sim in 2021 which includes planting trees as follows;


For every new connection, port or migration placed onto one of our eco-friendly VodaShare Eco tariffs, we will plant five trees.


The January update is as follows;




Vodafone, O2 and EE links.

The January update is as follows

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