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Working from home

Overview - this requirement really took off as the Covid pandemic took hold.  It's something that has always been a feature of traditional in house phone systems but has proved to be much easier to implement on hosted systems as it is designed in as part of every hosted system we supply. 

Example - existing HVS Hosted clients.  All they needed to do was take their handsets home with a PSU and plug them into their home broadband.  They could use the apps (mobile, PC & Mac) and login to their existing user account. 

Example - existing Avaya on-premises system client based in central London.  We set them up with 9 HVS Hosted user accounts and forwarded their numbers to these.  They then used their mobiles with HVS Hosted apps to answer, make and transfer calls between themselves as normal.  Calls made through the app appear as if they were coming from their office lines showing their office numbers rather than their mobile numbers. 

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