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Information for marketeers

Hello marketeers - If you think you have a product or service that we may be interested in please feel free to get in touch by email - once – to – we do actually read all unsolicted email (yes, even the ludicrous scam emails) and keep and categorise anything we feel may be of interest. If you include a subscribe or unsubscribe option we will do so accordingly.

Please don’t call – We don’t make unsolicited marketing calls and we prefer not to receive them. We really won’t give out any information that isn’t on this website and no matter how original you think it may be pressing the option for sales, support or accounts when you’re selling or after marketing information you really won’t have any more success getting us to giving out that information or, in putting you through to a “decision maker” any more than the first tele-marketeers that tried that method had decades ago.  All that will happen is we will either summarily disconnect the call or transfer it to the supplier mailbox depending on how busy we are at the time.  So please don’t waste our mutual time.

Happy marketing! - May your reasonable efforts be as well rewarded as we hope ours will be!

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